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The Living Meditation Network is the hub of Neil McKinlay's online teaching activity. It is also home to a growing number of practitioners who share a common interest in bringing somatic meditation more deeply into the stuff of their everyday lives.

Here you will find access to all Neil's online groups and courses, such as the engaging Online Gatherings and his introductory Learning to Meditate series. You will also find content unique to this network, unique to network membership. This includes regular updates on Neil's offerings, a growing selection of talks and practices from Neil's teaching archive, and - through our 'Question of the Month' feature - opportunities to engage with others regarding some aspect of our practice and lives.

Drawing on more than twenty years training in the teachings and practices of somatic meditation, the Living Meditation Network in many ways represents the culmination of Neil's instructional career. It is certainly the next step in his ever-evolving exploration of how we might bring meditation more fully and more meaningfully into the world of daily living.

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